2017 San Diego Comic Con Sketchbook


San Diego Comic Con International is a relentless 4-day cavalcade of Cosplay, comic fans and crazy critters. I always take as many photos as I can and sketch from them after the fact. I was drawing people all 4 days at the NCS booth, caricaturing people as their favourite comic characters and superheroes.

Here are a few snippets at the insanity...



















This guy was waiting in line behind me.
He didn't blink one time. Not one.
















New York Sketchbook

Dave Attell, March 2017






Tattoo Girl, March 2017

This girl kept interrupting my conversation with my pal one night at the MacDougal Ale House. She's just got a tattoo after attending an Anti-Trump rally that afternoon. 




One-Legged Gull Boy, April 2017

Seagull on the jetty waiting for the Staten Island Ferry.