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Pick up a copy of this week's New Yorker and swiftly flip to page 45 to cop an eyeful of this wee scribble.You can hear it being plucked from the ether on our weekly podcast "Is There Something In This?" with myself and Scott Dooley, wherever you listen to your pods.

This one is discussed on Episode #8: 'Larry Juice', which you can hear here.

PART 2: My First Day Submitting Cartoons to The New Yorker

PART 2: My First Day Submitting Cartoons to The New Yorker

One freezing February morning in 2015, I was awoken by a message from fellow cartoonist telling me he was flying in from Seattle to submit cartoons to the New Yorker and asked if I had time to catch up. The text conversation quickly escalated from “Let's catch up!” to "I dare you to put ten cartoons together and come submit with me on Tuesday!”

I’d been wanting to submit to the magazine forever but never knew how, let alone where the hell it was. He had been submitting cartoons to The New Yorker among other gag cartoon publishers for years. I figured it would be a big help if I had someone who’d done it before to join me through the terrifying process.

“Why not!” I replied nervously, then sunk back into my pillow to realise what I’d just agreed to...