Moving on (Up).

laughing buddha comedy

I'm handing in my badge and gun,
but not before one last big hurrah.

For over two years I've been hosting open mics at the Stand, The Eastville and Klimat Lounge for Laughing Buddha Comedy. In that time, I've seen literally thousands of comedians come through the doors, and for some, go from doing their first spot to becoming seriously funny professionals. I've made a lot of my closest comedy friends through these shows and I'll always have fond memories of them.
I've honed my skills and done my 10,000 hours (okay, 624) as a host over these years and it's time I step down and move on to my next stage of utter madness.


The 10:30.

Yes, that will include the mythical, marvelous 10:30pm Saturday show I've been hosting with Devin Keast for 2 years. We are angling for one last big hurrah this Saturday night before we both move on to our next venture.
If you were a regular at the Saturday 10:30 or even stopped in to do a spot, you'll know we built a hell of a show in that room over the years, and we'd love you to come by and see us off if you're in the neighbourhood.
There will be suits. There will be ties. There will be Curtis Mayfield singing Move On Up.

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